Translated byN. Kanani

Prof. Nasser Kanani is a leading researcher and author in the field of solid state physics, on which he published 200 scientific articles in German and English journals and has written six seminal textbooks. He has received multiple awards for his scientific achievements, was a visiting professor at MIT and at the University of Florida in the USA as well as at Sakarya University in Turkey and is now associated with TU Berlin. In addition to numerous lectures on Iranian intellectuals, Prof. Kanani has also published several books dealing with various aspects of Persian culture. On the publication of his seminal book on the Persian poet Hafiz “Hafez and his Divan” in 2016, he received Anerkennungsurkunde (certificates of recognition) from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Research and Science of Ontario (Canada). His latest book, Hafiz, the Greatest Poet of the Persian Tongue, was published in late 2019.