Here are the primary organisations and individuals supporting this project, with several other applications for major fundraising underway.

Kent Sinfonia

A leading freelance professional orchestra based in the County of Kent, aims to bring live orchestral music to all including, through its successful educational projects, the next generation of concert-goers. The orchestra is performing the premiere of Zal & Phoenix in Autumn 2021 and collaborating in education projects.

Conductor, James Ross

Conductor, James Ross whose international career includes a standing interest in middle-Eastern and non-Western music, directs an ensemble including duduk and traditional Iranian ethnic instruments daf and tombak.

PSCPS exists to promote Persian studies in Cambridge and across the UK. Its activities include termly lectures on Persian and Islamic art, academic conferences and publications and other cultural events, like art exhibits and musical performances.

Professor Djalal Khaleghi Motlagh

Professor Djalal Khaleghi Motlagh poet, writer and researcher for Shahnameh, Dr Khaleghi-Motlagh has conducted over 50 years of extensive research on the epic literature of Iran and the Shahnameh. His research papers have been published in the most prestigious international academic journals. Among his extensive works are his editing of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, which has been published in eight volumes under the late editor and founder of the Encyclopedia Iranica, Ehsan Yarshater. professor Khaleghi-Motlagh’s numerous appointments include his teaching posts in Germany, faculty membership in the International Millennium Congress of the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi as well as being a board member of the Trustees of the Ferdowsi Foundation and on the committee for the Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies in the UK.

Bonyad Ferdowsi Tus Organisation

TUS is the foremost non-profit organisation in Iran dedicated to promoting the work of Ferdowsi and other Iranian art and literature.

ShivaNova / DAN Network

ShivaNova is a cutting-edge world music company led by composer Priti Paintal. It celebrates cultural diversity through music as well as through other art-forms including storytelling, dance, visual art and projection, circus and theatre. ShivaNova also delivers an extensive programme of workshops for young people.