Composer:Shohreh Shakoory

An original score written for a classical chamber orchestra of 29 players alongside middle-eastern instruments daf, tomback and the ancient wind instrument duduk. Persian modes and rhythms are woven together with western classical music, creating a new sound world to bridge the cultures. Every character is represented by a specific instrument and melody to make the story understandable and reachable for children. Improvisation, a common practice in Iranian music, also has a place, where daf and tomback can show their charm when they play solo in between the sections of music. c.35 minutes of music is interleaved with c. 25 minutes’ performance by the narrator for a total running time of c.55-60 minutes.

Daf and Tomback are two instruments central to Persian percussive music.
Ali Khatibzadeh improvises on the Iranian percussion daf.

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Canberk Ulas, a Turkish virtuoso on duduk, playing part of the Phoenix theme.